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About us

National Drone Photography is a Cyprus-based and Cyprus-owned company offering every service related to drones and photography.

Trust us

Our commitment to our customers is to exceed expectations through professionalism, responsiveness, and agility in drone photography. Our customer centric approach is what makes our company trustworthy.



Aerial Photography

Our team exemplifies professionalism than plain passion in taking photos from the air.


Aerial Cinematography

Our many years of experience makes our clients intrigued with and impressed by our aerial filming.


Mapping & GIS

Aerial survey mapping of terrains and geotagging of aerial photos is offered to our clients at the highest quality possible.


Disaster & Hazard Monitoring

We offer vision and control systems to industries for early detection of failures in critical public and private infrastructures.


Smart Construction

Our use of drones in construction sector improves cost efficiency which translates into considerable savings for our clients in the long run.


Enviromental Monitoring

We provide regular and systematic reference data in order to assess the impact of human activity on air, water, soil, flaura and fauna.


Digital Heritage and Archaelogy

Aerial filming of archaeological sites and places of cultural and natural heritage also falls within our areas of experise.


Hobbyist Training

We are more than happy to improve your talent and skills in drones with the added bonus of potential collaboration in the future.


Research & Development

Our drones expertise, combined with our close links with universities and the research industry, makes us the ideal parnter in research projects.


Security & Surveillance

Along with our network of colllaborators, we offer security systems while respecting data protection and privacy laws.


Search & Rescue

Our highly skilled personnel can contribute to missions conducted over water, mountain and urban areas, whithin the national and international law.


Smart Meteorology

Improve your weather forecasting models using data captured in the atmosphere from our drones and specialized sensors.

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